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Entrepreneurship – Start-up, Opportunity & Challenges

The only thing worse than starting something and failing is not starting something. Today, maximum people are considered for establishing new business as an entrepreneur rather than working as being employer. But one don’t have idea for what to start. Most are even considering or have started the home based business or online business. I […]

WordPress Theme Standards

# style.css Theme name must not use keyword like `WordPress`, `Theme`. Text domain must be mentioned. Example: Text Domain: my-nepal Theme URI and Author URI are optional. If used Theme URI link with the page of theme information and Author URI link with the author personal site or project development site. Avoid using ‘wordpress.org’ as Theme […]

Hospital Bed

Gorgeous nurses came and asked Symbolic head shake and show never Polite voice blows saying unbelievable I can’t express anything with Velvety tune Made eyelid up and down Showing them I am true. Doctor came and behave Xerox Said him “Never” with low scale Marked something on white paper I Served eyes there as a […]