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What is the difference between e-Government & e-Governance?

e-Government and e-Governance seem synonyms to each other however they are totally different. Most people think they are the same. But here I am going to describe the difference between e-Government & e-Governance. What is e-Government? It refers to the implementation of information and communication technology like the internet. Through the use of technology, it […]

Social entrepreneurs definition, qualities and their role towards society

Social entrepreneurs are individuals having a pragmatic visionary to establish an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or social change. Social entrepreneurs drive social innovations and implement in the various fields of social sectors including health, education, environment and social development and welfare. Social entrepreneur are similar to a business entrepreneur who builds strong […]

My WP Pace

For the First time a desire came to my mind to make a WEBSITE I was just wondering how to do with a hollow mind I searched for all the options but didn’t got a perfect choice   I was said that you have to play with unknown codes I was in a dilemma from […]

Hospital Bed

Gorgeous nurses came and asked Symbolic head shake and show never Polite voice blows saying unbelievable I can’t express anything with Velvety tune Made eyelid up and down Showing them I am true. Doctor came and behave Xerox Said him “Never” with low scale Marked something on white paper I Served eyes there as a […]